We offer refacing and custom work on other makes of mouthpieces (clarinet and saxophone).  Refacing services are billed at $65 per hour.    

Most hard rubber mouthpieces that haven’t been “fixed” by someone else can usually be refaced in about an hour.  If the mouthpiece has been the victim of an accident or bad work, it can usually be restored if there is enough material left to work with, but the process takes more time. 

Metal mouthpieces are more time consuming to reface than hard rubber mouthpieces.  Stainless or glass mouthpieces take more time than metal mouthpieces. 

Refacing or custom mouthpiece work is done by appointment. 

In order to avoid backlogs and to make sure we are here to accept your package, please call us or email for instructions for before shipping any mouthpieces.  When you do send your mouthpiece, please insure your package!

Mouthpiece Refacing