The John Thomas mouthpiece you are considering is built of the highest quality German hard rubber available.  Every mouthpiece is meticulously hand finished. It has a medium rollover baffle for ease of playing and response in all registers.  The medium chamber is designed to produce a focused and balanced tone.  The curve of the lay is accurate and balanced in relation to the tip opening.  The rails and tip are thinned and balanced to allow maximum efficiency with regard to reed vibration, response, dynamic range, tuning, and projection.  This is a lengthy process, requiring one to two hours to complete the meticulous hand finishing.  The mouthpieces are play tested at several steps during the  process.  When I have completed this process, each mouthpiece is signed, dated, and marked with the exact tip opening (not generic tip opening numbers that are not specific and often inaccurate).  Finally, the mouthpiece is placed in a drawstring pouch before being packaged in a sturdy tube.  Your mouthpiece is ready to ship!


John Thomas’s hard rubber saxophone mouthpieces are the culmination of many years of research, professional performance, and technical expertise.  During more than 20 years of playing with Air Force military bands, John had the opportunity to work with many top performers in numerous settings.  In that capacity he played in jazz ensembles and concert bands as both a section and a lead player.  The highlight of his military career was eleven years with The United States Air Force Band in Washington D.C.  During his time in Washington D.C. he played co-principal and principal alto in The United States Air Force Concert Band and served as the primary woodwind sub with the “Airmen of Note” Jazz Ensemble. 

While in the Washington D.C. area, John owned and operated a woodwind specialty shop with his wife, Janet.  During that time,  John developed an interest in woodwind mouthpieces and began to understand mouthpiece design and the art of refacing.  He continued this work while living and teaching in Gainesville, Florida from 1998-2007, and has worked from his shop in Jacksonville, Florida since 2007.

John has built, refaced, and done custom mouthpiece work for musicians in  the premiere military bands, college professors, and many of the top classical and jazz players in the country.